SEO Link Building Techniques

Want to know some of the best SEO link building techniques? Read on! We have you covered! Remember; these are only the ‘core’ link building techniques. The ones that you absolutely should be doing if you are doing a spot of SEO. You probably will want to get a bit more creative than this if you really want to dominate the SERPs.

Guest Posting

You can’t write about SEO link building techniques without mentioning guest posting. This is probably one of the most effective methods for building up links. It is a lot of fun to do, too!

For guest posting, you will be approaching blogs in your niche (ideally, not competitors) and you will be offering to write them a piece of content. The catch? You will get a link on their website. A highly relevant link at that.

Some sites will charge for guest posting, while others will be more than happy to take content off of your hands for free.

Social Media

While social media doesn’t quite hold the same sway as it did in the past when it comes to link building, it is still worth checking out. It is quick and easy to do. While you may not necessarily get a ton of ‘link juice’ for it, you always have the possibility of your link being shared a lot which WILL impact your search positions.

Create a blog

You can do this in two ways, and we recommend both:

  1. Have a blog on your main website. This will attract links if you produce quality content.
  2. Create a blog on an external site (not hosted on the same server!) and link it back to your main website. Of course, include more links than just your own, otherwise, it looks very spammy.

Forum Posting

There are plenty of forums out there relevant to your niche. Why not get involved in their discussions? You can share a link or two here and there. Don’t go overboard, though as the whole method may work against you if you do.

Check your competitors

While you won’t necessarily be building up any links here, it is still worth checking how your competitors are getting links to their website. There are plenty of tools online that you can use for this job.

The purpose of checking out your competitors is to see whether they are using websites for their link profile that you never thought of. If you are, then you can ‘borrow’ a few of their ideas.

Create Quality Content

If you create quality content then, over time, you will gradually start to build up links that point to your site. You may need to plant the seeds a little bit, but if your content is useful, then people will start to share it online. This means that you are going to ride in the search engine results rather rapidly.

Don’t forget; you should mix and match your content here. Quality infographics are ripe for sharing, for example. The same goes for video content.